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'Besame Mambo' is a fusion of classic Burlesque and fiery Mambo.

Inspired by the Mambo dancers of 1950s New York, this act has everything you could wish for: a sultry start, a high-energy end and entertaining twists.

| glamorous | elegant | sultry | energetic | | Mambo | 

'Besame Mambo' Performed at the Spare Rib Superstar, 24.05.2019



This is Meena's most recent act and deals with female empowerment. W-O-M-A-N is all about discovering her raw female energy on stage.  This act is full of self-assurance, strength and filth.

| strong | empowered | filthy | energetic | | Blues |

'W-O-M-A-N' Performed at Bad Bunny Burlesque, 16.04.2022



With 'FU' Meena is living her bratty teenage pop idol fantasy! It is the perfect anti-Valentine's Day and female empowerment act. The lip-sync performance dedicated to everyone who had a terrible relationship experience.

| empowered | feminist | iridescent
| angry | 
Pop Music | Lip Sync |

'FU' Performed at the Dollar Bills Winter Showcase, 19.12.2019


No Hay

'No Hay Problema' is Meena's debut act. It's a smooth and sensual Cha-Cha-Cha on a Latin Jazz piece by Pink Martini.

This act shows you a soft and dreamy side of Meena Helvetia.

| smooth | elegant | sensual | dreamy |
| Cha-Cha-Cha | Latin Jazz |

Rehearsal Video of 'No Hay Problema', 22.05.2022

It's all about Christmas. This impactful act is perfect for your festive show or party. This unique costume was all hand-made by Meena herself, it lights up and unravels for the act, a true showstopper!

You can book the act for the stage or as a walk-about character.


Ohhh, Christmas Tree!

| festive | glamorous | joyful | 
| mesmerising | 

Rehearsal Video of 'Ohhh, Christmas Tree!', 22.05.2022

Digital Version of 'Ohhh, Christmas Tree!'

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