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'Besame Mambo' is a fusion of classic Burlesque and fiery Mambo.

Inspired by the Mambo dancers of 1950s New York, this act has everything you could wish for: a sultry start, a high-energy end and entertaining twists.

| glamorous | elegant | sultry | energetic | | Mambo | 

'Besame Mambo' Performed at the Spare Rib Superstar, 24.05.2019



This is Meena's most recent act and deals with female empowerment. W-O-M-A-N is all about discovering her raw female energy on stage.  This act is full of self-assurance, strength and filth.

| strong | empowered | filthy | energetic | | Blues |

'W-O-M-A-N' Performed at the Dollar Bills Summer Showcase, 04.07.2019



With 'FU' Meena is living her bratty teenage pop idol fantasy! It is the perfect anti-Valentine's Day and female empowerment act. The lip-sync performance dedicated to everyone who had a terrible relationship experience.

| empowered | feminist | iridescent
| angry | 
Pop Music | Lip Sync |

'FU' Performed at the Dollar Bills Winter Showcase, 19.12.2019


No Hay

'No Hay Problema' is Meena's debut act. It's a smooth and sensual Cha-Cha-Cha on a Latin Jazz piece by Pink Martini.

This act shows you a soft and dreamy side of Meena Helvetia.

| smooth | elegant | sensual | dreamy |
| Cha-Cha-Cha | Latin Jazz |

'No Hay Problema' Performed at the Dollar Bills Summer Showcase, 09.08.2018

It's all about Christmas. This impactful act is perfect for your festive show or party. This unique costume was all hand-made by Meena herself, it lights up and unravels for the act, a true showstopper!

You can book the act for the stage or as a walk-about character.


Ohhh, Christmas Tree!

| festive | glamorous | joyful | 
| mesmerising | 

Digital Version of 'Ohhh, Christmas Tree!'

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